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Top English Learning Apps for Beginners


Duolingo is a great app for beginners who want to learn English gradually. You can learn up to seven new words per topic in just 20 minutes a day. The app offers short games that make learning fun and engaging. You earn skill points as you complete lessons, which makes it even more rewarding. Download here.


Babbel is another app that focuses on helping you acquire basic conversational skills. It emphasizes vocabulary building, which means you can understand the language rather than just memorizing words. The lessons are structured around real-world topics, so you can engage in meaningful conversations at an earlier stage. Babbel has received numerous accolades for its success in teaching languages. Download here.


FluentU is a unique app that uses real-world videos, such as commercials and news, to create English-learning experiences. It immerses you in authentic culture and allows you to engage in everyday or more meaningful conversations from the start. Learning English as it is spoken in real life also aids in developing proper pronunciation. Download here.


Memrise focuses primarily on learning English words. It employs humor to enhance word memorization, making the learning process enjoyable. Memrise courses are created by users, providing an interactive and user-friendly experience. Download here.


HelloEnglish specializes in spoken English and offers interactive modules that incorporate games to facilitate learning. It also provides opportunities to improve reading, writing, and listening skills through its bilingual dictionary feature. Download here.

Learn English British Council

The British Council is highly regarded for its comprehensive approach to mastering grammar. The Learn English British Council application offers a wide range of lessons and engaging games covering various topics. It caters to learners of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Download here.


Cake is an innovative platform that provides simulated conversations with native speakers to help you practice and improve your English. With advanced AI speech recognition, you can easily assess your pronunciation by recording your voice and receiving instant feedback. The Cake app is entirely free and devoid of any bothersome advertisements. Download here.


Cambly provides instant access to friendly English tutors who are eager to assist you in improving your conversation skills, pronunciation, and any other areas you wish to enhance. You can engage in live video chat with native speakers through the Cambly app. It’s perfect for beginners or advanced learners who want to practice their English skills. Download here.

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