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Once upon a time there lived a stag in a dense forest. There was a stream inside the forest. One day he went to the stream to drink water. The stream water was calm and clear. When he was about to drink water, he saw his pair of horns. He felt so proud and happy that he had such a beautiful set of horns. He said to himself, “How beautiful and lovely my horns are!” But when he saw his legs, he felt sad and disappointed and cursed God for this injustice. He ignored his legs with pride and kept drinking water peacefully.

He was yet to quench his thirst, when he saw a hunter with his hounds. Seeing his life in danger, the stag ran as fast as he could. He was soon out of sight and reached a thick forest. But unluckily his horns got stuck in a thick bush. He started struggling. The more he struggled, the more he got stuck in the branches. In the meantime, the hounds came for hunting and caught him. 

The stag now realized that the legs, he had despised a little while ago, helped him in saving his life but the beautiful horns became the cause of his death.

Moral: All glittering ornaments are not gold.

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