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1. Sketch the character of Mrs. Jones in the story “Thank You Ma’am”.

Ans: Mrs. Jones has been portrayed as an affectionate woman in the story ” Thank You Ma’am”. At the beginning of the story we find Mrs. Jones determined, brave and tough as nails but as the story prgresses the other side of her character is seen. She caught the boy Roger when he was trying to snatch her purse. But instead of taking him to the police, she dragged him to her home, gave him something to eat, had him cleaned up and taught him a life lesson. She advised him to behave well in future and not to snatch purse of anybody else. She also gave Roger ten dollars so he could buy his favourite blue suede shoes. This picture reveals that Mrs. Jones was forgiving, affectionate and genenours.

2. Sketch the character of Roger in the story “Thank You Ma’am”.

Ans: In Langston Hughes’ short story “Thank You Ma’am” Roger is described as “fourteen or fifteen, frail and willow-wild” boy who does not have enough money to buy a new pair of blue suede shoes and attemps to snatch Mrs. Jones’ purse but does not succeed. Roger is depicted as a polite, trustworthy and decorous young man though his clothes, his face and hair are all messy and dirty. He answers repeatedly “Yes’m” and “No’m” during his conversation with her. He followed her instructions obediently. He doesn’t run away from her home though he has enough chances. He does not betray her trust. At the end, Mrs. Jones’ hospitality and affection change him completely.

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