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On June 2, 2023, a serious train collision occurred in Balasore district, Odisha, India. The Coromandel Express mistakenly entered a passing loop instead of the main line and collided with a stationary goods train at high speed. As a result, 21 coaches derailed, three of which hit the Bengaluru–Howrah Superfast Express on the adjacent track. Tragically, the crash claimed the lives of 296 people and left over 1,200 injured. This incident was India’s deadliest railway accident in nearly 30 years. The collision occurred while both trains were traveling at their highest permitted speed of 128 km/h.

Rescue teams, including the National Disaster Response Force, were mobilized, and local communities offered support by transporting injured passengers and providing assistance. Remarkably, the driver and assistant driver of the Coromandel Express survived the crash.

The railways announced compensation of ₹10 lakh for the amilies of the deceased, ₹2 lakh for the severely injured individuals, and ₹50,000 to those with minor injuries . Additionally, families of the deceased received ₹2 lakh from the PMNRF, while the injured received ₹50,000. In another development, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has made progress in the case and arrested three railway officials believed to be responsible for the accidents. They have been charged with culpable homicide and destruction of evidence.

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