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As we need food for growth and proper functioning of our body, similarly, we need food for our mind. Reading books provides the food for mind.Reading books gives us both pleasure and profit. It not only enriches our knowledge but also serves as a good companion in leisure. 

Many people seek delight in reading of books on tour, travel and adventure. Reading such books adds colour in their imagination and instill in them a spirit of fight, fearlessness and adventures.

Reading books on various topics such as religion, philosophy, literature, history etc not only opens up the unseen world before us of different people and culture but also serves as a source of tremendous pleasure, as a guide teaching us lessons on moral and ethics and giving an insight into our glorious past. 

Good books shape our thought and mould our characters. Besides being a source of pleasure, reading is a symbol of culture. So, we should develop habit of reading from an early age.

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