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Maharaja High School
An Educational Tour to Science City

Students of classes IX and X of our school are hereby notified that our school is arranging an educational tour to Science City,Kolkata on 20th May, 2022. The tour is necessay to enhance the scientific knowledge of the students.It will be a three- day tour. Students will be taken there by luxury buses. The bus will start at 7am on 20th May from the school gate and is expected to return to the school premises on 23rd May,2022.Interested students are requested to assemble at the school premises in school uniform within 6.30 am on the scheduled date. They are requested to take essential things for daily use. It should be noted that they must submit their names along with Rs.300 per head and consent letter from guardians to the undersigned on or before 10th May,2022. For further details contact the undersigned.

Tarun Roy
Educational Tour Secretary
Maharaja High School

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