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Study the flow-chart and write how coffee is prepared. 

[Flow-chart: Take water in a kettle-boil the water-pour a little boiled water into cups- add coffee powder to make a thick solution -stir and pour more water add sugar and milk according to preference-stir the solution with a spoon-sprinkle some extra coffee powder on the surface - coffee now ready-serve hot]

Preparation of Coffee

Coffee is a hot and tasty drink. It is prepared in the following steps. At first water is taken in a kettle and boiled for few minutes until it is hot. Then a little boiled water is poured into cups and coffee powder is added to make a thick aromatic solution. After that it is stirred to ensure the coffee mixes well. Next more water is added adjusting the amount to taste and sugar and milk are added according to preference. Then the mixture is stirred again to blend the flavours harmoniously. To add a final touch a bit of extra coffee powder is sprinkled on the surface. Now the hot coffee is ready to serve.

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