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1. Samuel said, ” Swaminthan, where is your homework?”

Answer: Samuel asked Swaminathan where his homework was.

2. “What has he done, Father?” said Swami. (Madhyamik 2022)

Answer: Swami asked his father what he (Samuel) had done.

3. Is there anybody there?” said the traveller.(Madhyamik 2020)

Answer: The traveller asked if anybody was there.

4. “What have you written, Sachin?” the teacher said. (Madhyamik 2019)

Answer: The teacher asked Sachin what he had written.

5. The trainer said, “Why is everybody late today?”
(Madhyamik 2018)

Answer: The trainer asked why everybody was late that day.

6. The policeman said to the thief, “Where have you kept the stolen goods?” (Madhyamik 2017)

Answer: The policeman asked the thief where he had kept the stolen goods.

7. She said to me, “Are you well?” (Madhyamik 2016)

Answer: She asked me if I was well.

8. He keeps saying, “I am very lucky.” (Madhyamik 2015)

Answer: He keeps saying that he is very lucky.

9. The boy said to his friend, “I went to school yesterday.” (Madhyamik 2014)

Answer: The boy told his friend that he had gone to school the previous day.

10. “What is your problem?” said the doctor to the patient. (Madhyamik 2013)

Answer: The doctor asked the patient what his/her problem was.

11. The girl said, “Hurrah! I have won the debate competition.” (Madhyamik 2012)

Answer: The girl exclaimed in joy that she had won the debate competition.

12 “Are cherry seeds lucky?” asked Rakesh. (Madhyamik 2011)

Answer: Rakesh asked if cherry seeds were lucy.

13. “Climb up, little boy,” said the Tree. (Madhyamik 2010)

Answer: The Tree requested the little boy to climb up.

14. “How did you get here, child?” asked the man. (Madhyamik 2009)

Answer: The man asked the child how he/she had got there.

15. The teacher said to his students, “You must love your motherland,” (Madhyamik 2008)

Answer: The teacher advised his students that they must love their motherland.

16. The teacher said, “Man is mortal.” (Madhyamik 2007)

Answer: The teacher said that man is mortal.

17. “Let’s sit down here and talk the matter over?” said Sir Davy to Faraday. (Madhyamik 2006)

Answer: Sir Davy suggested Faraday that they must sit down there and talk over the matter.

18. “Climb up! little boy,” said the Tree. (Madhyamik 2005)

Answer: The Tree requested the little boy to climb up.

19. “Are cherry seeds lucky?” asked Rakesh. (Madhyamik 2004

Answer: Rakesh asked whether cherry seeds were lucky.

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