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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 3 Two Stories About Flying (i) His First Flight


1. Why was the young seagull afraid to fly ? Do you think all young birds are afraid to make their first flight, or are some birds more timid than others ? Do you think a human baby also finds it a challenge to take its first steps ?

Answer: The young seagull was afraid to fly as it was his first flight and the fear of falling down caught him. He thought that his wings would not support him while flying.

I think all birds are afraid to make their first flight. Secondly, some birds are more timid than others.

I think a human baby also finds it a challenge in taking its first steps. This is seen in his unsteady movements.

2. “The sight of the food maddened him.” What does this suggest ? What compelled the young seagull to finally fly ?

Answer: This suggests that the sight of food made the seagull forget the risk of flying for the first time. The seagull was very hungry. So he dived at the food in his mother’s beak. At that moment his control over flying fear made him finally fly.

3. “They were beckoning to him, calling shrilly.” Why did the seagull’s father and mother threaten him and cajole him to fly ?

Answer: The seagull’s parents were beckoning him constantly but he was very reluctant to take the plunge due to fear of falling down from the cliff. So the whole family left him alone on his ledge and threatened and cajoled him to fly. It was because if he did not fly, he would starve to death.

4. Have you ever had a similar experience, where your parents encouraged you to do something that you were too scared to try ? Discuss this in pairs or groups.

Answer: Yes, I had had a similar experience in my childhood when my parents made me ride the bicycle. They seated me on its saddle and slowly moved it. I feared that if they let me alone, I would fall down. I moved this way or that in fear at first. But courage and confidence came to me and I controlled the bicycle.

5. In the case of a bird flying, it seems a natural act, and a foregone conclusion that it should succeed. In the examples you have given in answer to the previous question, was your success guaranteed, or was it important for you to try, regardless of a possibility of failure ?

Answer: My success was guaranteed. It was important for me to overcome fear. Trying to do things matters, not the result—success or failure. If one is afraid of failure and takes no action, one surely fails. But one must not feel let down. It is trying that matters the most. Because practice makes a man perfect.


We have just read about the first flight of a young seagull. Your teacher will now divide the class into groups. Each group will work on one of the following topics. Prepare a presentation with your group members and then present it to the entire class.

• Progression of Models of Airplanes

• Progression of Models of Motorcars

• Birds and Their Wing Span

• Migratory Birds — Tracing Their Flights


Write a short composition on your initial attempts at learning a skill. You could describe the challenges of learning to ride a bicycle or learning to swim. Make it as humorous as possible.

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